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Massage (Comfort Camping)

Massage (Comfort Camping)

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Foot Massage - 20 min
njoy a foot bath with nourishing and deep-acting essential oil. Followed by a relaxing foot massage. which ensures good blood circulation and stimulates the energy flow through the body.
This all ends with a nourishing refreshing menthol foot cream

Chair massage - 20 min
A chair massage is a relaxing and activating Shiatsu pressure point massage that takes place in a special ergonomic chair. During the massage your head, back, neck, shoulders, hips, arms and hands are massaged.
Benefits of the chair massage, aimed at the entire body, clothing remains on, hygienic, relieves muscle and headache.

Relaxation massage - 20 min
Enjoy a wonderful relaxing massage on the massage couch. It relieves general tension, promotes blood stimulation and boosts your immune system.
We mainly focus on the back, neck and shoulders. If you want your calves or legs to be massaged, please let the masseur know.

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