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Do you have any questions? Please check the frequently asked questions below.


What if I didn’t receive an order confirmation email?

It may take a while for the confirmation email to arrive in your inbox. Depending on your email settings, the confirmation email could end up in your junk or spam folder. If you haven't received anything, please reach out to us.


Can I participate in an experience if I'm not visiting Mysteryland?

That is not possible. You should be in possesion of a valid Mysteryland 2024 ticket.

Can an experience sell-out?

Yes. As experiences are an exclusive upgrade to your weekend, most of them are limited. So don’t miss out!

Do I need to pay the experiences before the event?

Some experiences can only be pre-ordered before Mysteryland starts, some continue through the weekend. All experiences need to be paid the moment you order them.

Do I receive a confirmation after I signed up for an experience?

Yes. You’ll receive an order confirmation from our shop and after a couple of minutes, we’ll send you a voucher with the QR codes you need to enter the experience.

Where do I need to go and at what time do I need to be there?

The location and time will be displayed on the voucher. You’ll receive the voucher together with the confirmation email.

Can I refund my voucher?

Unfortunately, no.

How can I ask another question about the experiences or raffles?

Please reach out to info@mysteryland.nl

If you are not satisfied with the answers provided above, please feel free to reach out to our support.